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How to adjust to working full-time for the first time


This one goes to newbies in the adult world: career starters like myself. I have worked full-time before, but mostly for only a short period of time during the semester break. Going from being a student to working full-time and taking up responsibility is a big step in one’s life.  All of a sudden, you are left with a lot less free time than before. After working a short time now, I think I am slowly getting used to it and want to share my tips with you on how to adjust to the new chapter in your life!

1. Have a calendar!

Have a calendar, but a really fat one. Your work will become a priority, but you should not forget other mundane things you did before your career. Write down everything you need to do, schedule your day ahead of time.

2. Plan ahead!

Some of your friends are still students? They don’t really plan their week ahead? Give them a ring and plan a pub night a few days beforehand.

3. Go to bed early enough!

As a student, you always had an opportunity to send an email saying you’ll miss a course that day and just stay longer in bed that day. This changes when you start working. Make sure to get enough sleep! (oh and he snooze buttons should not be a friend anymore either!)

4. Stay active!

Something I cannot praise enough is doing sports. Working 40h+ a week can be super tiring, but do not let that discourage you from working out. Sport helps us with our energy levels and relieves stress. Remember to leave your desk a few times a day, taking some time to focus on your mind-set and well-being.

5. Schedule personal time!

Working 40 hours a week  through  can sometimes begin to feel monotonous.  Make sure to schedule some time for yourself outside of work, whether that be running errands on the weekend, reading, playing sports or watching television.  It’s important to keep up with your favourite hobbies to give you something to look forward to after the workday.

There’s no doubt about it- transitioning into your first full-time job can be both exciting and overwhelming. And, while the transition can be tough, it’s far from impossible.

Oh, and you might as well need to swallow your pride and ask where the bathroom is!

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