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Positivity vs. Negativity


by Miren Menabrito

Having a positive attitude will open you a lot of doors & help you not only in the present, but in the future as well! Let’s go over some typical attributes of someone with either a positive or a negative attitude. Where do you fit in?


Example: You had a bad day

Negative reaction: “everyone else is wrong, nothing is my fault, nothing ever goes my way, I am going to have to show people what they did wrong, etc.”


Positive reaction: “oh well, today wasn’t my day but tomorrow is another day and I will work to make it better”


Example: You have finally been promoted to your dream position, and can now afford the house of your dreams and plan your next holidays.

Negative reaction: “I should have been given a higher raise and I am still not appreciated enough… the house needs a lot of repairs and I will need to invest a lot more money than expected… I am sure something will go wrong when booking my holidays, I won’t get the room I want or the direct flight I was hoping to book”


Positive reaction: “Time to celebrate! I am finally being appreciated for my work! I can’t wait to turn the house into the house of my dreams and I am already thinking of what we can change in the kitchen, what we can do with the garden, etc… and I am sooooo looking forward to my holidays!”


When we are in a negative moment, it is very easy to keep a negative attitude about the situation. Staying in a negative mindset puts us in a spiral of negativity and will in turn make you see other things as negative even if they may not be. It is on you to work to transform the negative moment to a positive one. Find the positives in every situation, even if they seem small and insignificant. It is hard, but it is possible – it is all on you.


Let’s try to get a bit deeper here…

  • As a positive person you work to solve problems. You don’t criticize what you or others did but you work to change what you can in order to turn the situation positive.

  • As a negative person, you always see problems in everything, you always have something to say but rarely work to find an actual solution to fix something. You are only focused on the limitations and not on the possibilities.


  • If you have a positive attitude, setting and reaching long term goals is going to be easy for you as you are more adept at looking and planning ahead.

  • With a negative attitude you might start working on reaching your goals, but reaching these goals will be difficult as you will keep finding excuses to push things back or give up.


  • Positive attitude always gets rewarded. Positivity (just like negativity) is contagious, and staying positive means you will positively affect those around you. You will find that you will receive more encouragement and support from your employers, partners, families and friends.

  • Negativity turns people off, and will cause them to want to stay away from you or not want to work together with you.


  • A positive attitude will lead to positive thoughts & feelings such as joy, gratitude, peace and love.

  • By keeping a negative attitude, it fosters negative feelings such as anger, disappointment and envy.


  • A person with a positive attitude shows that he/she believes everything that happens for a reason, and there is a lesson to be learned in everything – even the setbacks.

  • On the other hand, a person with a negative attitude lives always in the past thinking about how things should have been better or different & will find that they have nothing to look forward to because they are pessimistic about the future.



It is not easy to categorize someone as positive or negative, as it is always natural to have a bit of both. But it is up to us to work on having more positive feelings than negative ones. This will always help us to have better results & keeps us from getting overwhelmed.


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