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Super Star or All Star?


by Miren Menabrito

I was very surprised the other day when I read that after this pandemic is over and things go back to a new normal, companies should evolve and stop focusing on having super stars, but focus on having super star teams…


I always thought that having a super team is a lot better than having a super star!


What do you think?


A company can only be successful with a good team in place.

When I started building my career into management, my mentor always told me: we will only continue our success by building a great team – one super successful recruiter won’t be enough. We need a super team!


I always focus on bringing hungry people to the team, and when I say hungry I don’t mean people hungry for money (or for food), but I look for a person that is full of passion, a person hungry to build a career and to be a part of the team, a person that starts tomorrow but you feel like they have been there forever. I look for a person that shares our values, our goals and seeks recognition first and foremost, not only as a professional but as a person.


I like to think that we together have created a team of doers! We hear everyone’s ideas and we turn these ideas into projects and allow everyone the freedom to participate and add to the company in this way. We work in an open space and we ALL learn something new every day! It is part of working in a human2human job.


Even though we work in a sales environment, our strong team spirit allows us to have a healthy competitive environment in the office, which can only be achieved through our shared values – something I cannot stress enough!


Interviews today, even more so than a few years ago, are 2 way sales. It is not only the candidate that has to sell their skillset, but also the company which has to sell itself. This is why I think it is so important to be yourself in an interview. If not, you might end up in a team you won’t enjoy and whose values you don’t share. The perfect team is waiting for you somewhere, be patient.


This is why working with recruiters can be so valuable, both as a candidate and as a company. A good recruiter will take the time to get to know the company its culture & values really well, so that they can pass along all of this information to candidates. This ensures that the candidate knows what they are getting themselves into, and allows them to make a better decision as to whether or not a company will be the right fit for them or not. Remember it’s not just about skill set and ability to do the job (like buying a pair of shoes), special attention must be paid to soft skills/personality fit and shared common values & goals with the company.


So don’t forget we are here to help, whether you are a candidate looking for a job or a company in need of support to hire your staff.


create your future with us!


*** And as we are talking about team, teamwork, working together towards the same goals and implement everyone’s strengths, I would like to specially thank Monica Yee who always help me by copy writing and editing my short articles ***

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