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How we work as a team

while being isolated


by Miren Menabrito

Despite having all the tools to be able to work remotely, we were never a fan of it as we love our team spirit and the office culture we have worked hard to have.

There are always things we cannot control and we must always focus on what we can control!

The current uncertain times have forced us from one day to another to be isolated in our homes with our families/roommates or alone and away from our teams.

The whole team has now been working from home for 4 whole weeks. When it all started my thoughts were... 

** how can we bring our strong team spirit to our home offices?

** how can we support each other remotely?

** how will everyone react to working from home if they have never done it?

The answer to myself was; Let’s do morning daily video-calls catch ups! This should help! 

Someone else said, let’s have a coffee break in the afternoon. Which on Fridays is beer o’clock.

These have indeed helped and we keep sharing the same things we were sharing in the office, we catch up about work, but we also share and speak about things outside of work... what we are going to have for lunch, what are the plans after work/ for the weekend, how each of us are dealing with working from home and how we plan our days, which new language/sport/hobby we are learning/doing... etc

We of course share the good and the bad all the time through videos or instant messaging. When someone would normally come to my desk at the office, now they give me a video-call and we go over things.

Someone had the great idea of having “share your best success of the week on Friday’s catch up” so we end the week on a positive!

It wasn’t easy at the beginning. Some had problems finding the best place to set “their desks” at home, others had problems focusing while the family/roommates are around, etc... but everyone has settled quicker than expected and although we are all missing having a laugh and discussing what we will have for lunch in the office, we are dealing well with the current situation and haven’t paused our work nor our lives.

Social distance is just physical! We can and will still socialize virtually until we can go back to a face to face working environment.


Lockdown has been extended and we are embracing it for the well-being of everyone. We are doing business as usual and whether you are a company missing headcount or in the need of staff in any of your departments, or if you are a candidate looking for a new career opportunity, we are here to help you! Let’s find the best solution together and create your future with us.

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