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Benefits of working on a temporary contract - Labour Leasing
by Santa Puncule 

Why would anyone want to accept a temporary contract if you apply for a permanent job and enjoy all the corporate benefits?

During the past 2 years of recruiting for mainly temporary roles, I was lucky to be a part of some exciting success stories which showed how crucial it is to take a chance instead of waiting for the perfect offer. While hunting for a job, look for a potential that can elevate your career path.

Everything is fluid nowadays. What seems to be the perfect job offer can quickly disappoint in various other ways. On the contrary, a role that does not tick all the boxes may open new and exciting doors!

So what are the advantages of working on a temporary contract?

  • Considerably faster and easier application process (Administration & Requirements & Urgency)

When you work through a Temporary Consultancy, the hiring company will not be involved in preparing relevant contracts for your hiring process. Consequently, it leads to much faster onboarding and management of the administrative part of the process.

Urgency is another major factor that forces companies toward flexibility in the hiring process. A long-term sickness, maternity cover, or an increased workload causes delays in the work environment. In these cases, hiring companies urgently need additional employees and do not have any time to lose.

Furthermore, hiring companies are usually less specific when hiring someone on a temporary contract. There are fewer interview stages as well as fewer requirements. Since a recruitment agency carries hiring risks, the company is more open to hiring candidates from varied professional backgrounds.


  • Tarif-Contract

A temporary employment contract is created based on a “Tarif-Vertrag”. It is compliant with German labor law and further legislation regarding temporary work. You are fully protected legally as a third-party employee.


  • Paid Overtime

It is what it is - every single hour is paid on top of your monthly average salary.


  • Time Account Option

You can choose to get paid for fewer hours per month and accumulate the rest of it. In this way, you can either take time off based on the collected hours or receive them as payment with your next payroll. A great way to contribute to your savings or to have extra time off!

  • Continuous Support

With ELA International you have a Consultant who will support you throughout your assignment. From questions regarding your payroll to slightly more sensitive issues (whatever they might be) we will find a solution together. Your Consultant will communicate regularly with your team supervisors to avoid potential obstacles or misunderstandings during your assignment.

  • Flexibility

A temporary contract has a magical superpower of transformation and flexibility. Firstly, a temporary employment contract can be extended up to 18 months in total. The company can likewise hire you permanently at any time throughout your assignment. Generally, a permanent offer means a higher salary and no further probation period.

Do you think a temporary contract might contribute to your career? We recruit for a variety of vacancies in Germany. If you are still unsure or if you have any further questions, contact us, and we will make it work for you together!

create your future with us!

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