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Recruitment Solutions Germany - ELA international

Your dream job is just around the corner

ELA international works with a variety of clients, both large and small, offering temporary and fixed term contract solutions in diverse international environments.


During the interview process you work closely with a Recruitment Consultant who will assist in preparing you for interview and ensure timely feedback.


We have assignments from 3 to 18 months in length, both full and part time. During your assignment you are guaranteed above market rates, holiday and sick pay and the perfect opportunity to gain valuable work experience while still maintaining flexibility on your career path.


ELA international offers Temporary and Fixed Term Contracts directly with our clients and while flexibility in your career is respected, we also have a high rate of client take over opportunities.


Contracts are bilingual German and English and your Consultant is available during the assignment to advise on your next career steps.


Looking for a flexible job, contact us today, we may have the perfect Temporary job for you.



Auch wenn die Zusammenarbeit nur kurz war, kann ich ELA International sehr empfehlen.

Der persönliche Kontakt und meine Interessen standen klar im Zentrum. Sehr gute Arbeit, weiter so!

The BEST RECRUITMENT SOLUTIONS that ELA International provides, is placing it on the TOP of work agencies in Germany. In my career I used to cooperate with other well-known agencies and none could be compared to ELA International. Very friendly, open and most of all, professional approach that gives you the confidence that you are in good hands! Nothing hidden, all well explained, transparency in every single detail. And the most important, no problem to speak and arrange things in English, which is a great advantage for people with little or low-intermediate German. Strongly recommend ELA International! Feel comfortable to be in good hands!

“I am pleased to write this testimonial for the Consultant who helped me find a position in business support. She helped me find my very first job after graduation and she was extremely professional and understood the specifics of the job I wanted to find. She was supportive throughout the whole process, always responded quickly and was always reassuring and cheerful. I liked her sincerity and warmth while helping me adjust to my new job. Thank you for the placement and I wish you further success!"

"Working with ELA was so easy, they found an amazing position for me very quickly. The consultant that handled my placement was very professional and very helpful. Her knowledge of the job market was a huge advantage to help me prepare for my interviews. I would recommend ELA for anyone looking for a position in Munich." 

"ELA International have efficiently took care of my case. After the first approach they came back to me with already a job offer that, unfortunately, did not go further. After few months they proposed me a position which matched all my requirements. 

After the first interview my Consultant and ELA assisted me until I got finally hired.

I appreciated the great work that my Consultant has done for me and the support that ELA offered me."

"At the beginning of the year I decided to apply for a position through ELA International. I have to admit that I did not have much hope, since the job advertised was 'too good to be true'. I was swiftly contacted by a recruiting officer who kindly described all advantages and disadvantages (!) that the job carries with. In the same day I was also called and had a German placement text via phone. Everything happed very fast and I got a phone interview with the Regional Manager of the company. Throughout the complete interviewing process I was in permanent contact with my recruiter from ELA International. She advised me on how to conduct the interview and provided useful tips in order to have good chances for obtaining the desired job."



"My experience with ELA International was extremely pleasant; they have professional and helpful recruiters. I started the job that I applied for in May and even now I am called and asked if I am happy with my decision.

 I strongly recommend ELA International as a recruiting agency."




Tel: +49 69 900 28464



Tel. +49 89 24224 844




Monday - Friday 08:00 - 18:00



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